Sunday, November 14, 2010

Full of it


Life is full of it. When Jonah gets diarrhea on a lonely highway between Kinston and Richlands and fills his car seat with poop...I'm troubled. Now you can take "full of it" for whichever meaning amuses you more.

But why be surprised? In the book of John, Jesus said, "In this world you will have trouble." He didn't say you may have trouble. He said you will. So what do we do with that?

The Bible talks so much about joy. Joy everlasting, joy unspeakable, complete joy. So I refuse to believe that we are called to just barrel through this life, buffering ourselves and just making the most of it. Let's be joyful in spite of our circumstances. Let's make a decision to look past the circumstance right in front of our face, and search further out for the joy in God's purpose, His timing, His mysteriousness. There is an amazing potential for us to be a much happier people when we grab hold of our trouble, hand it over to God, and refuse to take it back. That last part being the challenge I think.

Look for things of beauty. Not just postcard landscapes of sunrises and close-ups of daffodils, but the feel of the windows rolled down and the heat on your feet. Smile at that. Your baby's unique laugh. Smile at that. The creamy texture of cheesecake. Smile at that. Heck, try not to smile at cheesecake...there's a challenge for you.

Let's have joy. And be full of it.

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