Thursday, August 30, 2012

Less than glamorous lessons

Last week, the sign outside our church read, "Every home is a school. What are you teaching?" I started thinking about how often we think our children aren't paying attention, when truthfully they are watching us very closely.

For those who don't know, I am 18 weeks pregnant with twins. Unlike most expectant moms who ditch the nausea after the first trimester, I am still struggling with it. My husband is a gem and is usually right there with me during those less than glamorous moments when my head is hung over the toilet. He rubs my back, hands me a tissue, and then hands me a bottle of water. He's a rare find, but I could go on and on about that for longer than you care to listen.

Earlier this week, I had such an episode after hubby had already left for work. There I am in my not-so-finest hour, when I hear little footsteps enter the bathroom behind me. My best efforts to persuade him to leave the room of germs, were less than productive. Instead, I felt a little hand on my back rubbing ever so gently. I thanked him for being so sweet, and then my two year old handed me a bottle of water. I realized right then, that he has been paying attention to the way Daddy takes care of Mommy.

I texted my husband at work and thanked him for being such an example of Godly love to our son. I was touched and proud of my little boy that morning, but also a little frightened. What else has he been watching so closely? Have I led him astray without even being aware of it? We often remember to be a good example by saying a blessing before a meal, monitoring what words come out of our mouth, and taking our kids to church. But what about in the mundane or less than glamorous parts of our day?

I have learned that my home is a school. Even if it's best lessons have been taught in my master bathroom.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Everything but the kitchen sink

I often write on the window above my kitchen sink with window markers. I write verses to memorize, song lyrics that touch me, or simple reminders. Right now, my window reads, "You have a beautiful home." Why would I write something like that? Because I need to be reminded.

I love this new Pinterest fad. It can become just as addicting as late night sweets. As a matter of fact, my hubby and I have had more than one "pinterest date" with no bake cheesecake after Jonah is in bed. However, a problem arises when I let all the pretty pictures crack the door to my discontentment. The display of tiffany colored farm house sinks and porch swings the size of my double bed start to drive a wedge between me and my blessings. My focus shifts to all the things I don't have.

I forget that I am incredibly blessed to even have clean running water, let alone a perfectly sufficient area in my home to clean and sanitize the utensils that I eat with. Maybe I could try explaining to someone who goes for days without eating that the sink I clean my dishes with isn't big enough or the right color.

It's frighteningly easy in our culture to become blinded by our have-nots. Sometimes a simple reminder can go a long way to refresh our perspective. What are you thankful for today?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Is it obvious?

About a year ago, I bought a bottle of wine from a grocery store. After the teenage boy ringing me up asked to see my license, he jokingly made a comment about my "fake ID." Although it was a joke, I still felt a small sting of resentment. "I am twenty six years old. I'm someones mother," I said somewhat pridefully. I was quickly brought back down to earth when he smiled and said, "Well, yeah you do have the mom haircut."

What signifies to the world that you are a mother? Is it your short bob with bangs? Your Honda Odessey with the stickers on the back? Or how about the fact that you pull a pacifier, action figure, and snotty baby wipe out of your purse to get to your wallet at Chik-fil-a?

Here's a second thought. What tells the world that you are a daughter or son of God? Is it obvious? I can tell you that it will not be based on your physical appearance, your bumper stickers, or what you whip out at the Chik-fil-a counter. 

It will be Love.

The way you treat the outcast will tell others about who leads your heart. The way you respond to a strong willed child will tell others about who sets your standards. The way you say, "No" can also speak volumes about who you hold dear.

"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ." Philippians 1:27

Let's show the world who we belong to, and make it obvious!