Saturday, March 8, 2014

Enough Already

Take heart! For I have overcome the world!

I think mothers sometimes mistake this sentiment as one they should claim as their own.  Let me just clarify for you.

You're not Jesus.

And neither is any other mother out there. I love facebook and pinterest just as much as the next chick, but social media can and will choke out your self worth if you don't guard your heart. When you read that mama's status update about baking 250 perfectly packaged brownies for the preschool bake sale, you feel trashed that the most productive thing you did today was get a shower.

What she didn't reveal is that she burned every one of those brownies and the smoke detector turned her sleeping angel into a snarling zombie.

Grace has to be one of the finest gifts you can give yourself, and yet, one of the most difficult to procure. I struggle with this as often as the sun rises. My strain to do more and be more drives me and drives me until it drives me right into the ground. Then, I'm the one with zombie status.

You know what brings me back to life? The reminder that I am enough simply because God chose me and lives in me. Before the healthy, balanced meal you made for your family, before the homeschooling, before all of the laundry you did, you were enough. Enough already.

This grace is so hard to grasp, but I won't let go of it until it becomes a part of who I am and changes everything. What if I started each day, not with the intention of overcoming the world, but with the posture of already being enough?

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