Monday, July 28, 2014

Why Should I Give Him The Time of Day? Part Two: Instruments

Exhaustion, busyness, lack of motivation...whatever the thorn, we all have times when keeping a regular quiet time with our creator just isn't happening.

Whether you are just beginning a relationship with our heavenly father, or you're quite familiar with him, I hope that this series titled "Why Should I Give Him The Time of Day?" will give you an extra dose of encouragement to make sitting at his feet a priority.

If you missed our first conversation last week, you can find it here:

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If you were here last week, thanks for coming back!  I love our weekly visits.

Instruments.  Picture your make-up bag.  Tweezers, an eyelash curler, and brushes of all sizes are probably spilling out of a pretty-colored zip-up bag on your bathroom counter.  It is jam-packed with tools that you use when you want to get fancy.  Instruments of beauty.

Our bibles are jam-packed and spilling over the sides as well.  They are overflowing with tools or instruments for every day life.  Because it's in the routine of every day life that we need him.

Patience for mothering a teething baby.  Wisdom for the girlfriend who doesn't know Christ.  Freedom for the addiction to food.  Purity for the struggling teen daughter.

The word of God is not just for Sunday morning church.  It's for Monday morning grocery shopping with small children.  It's for Wednesday afternoon with a demeaning and belittling boss.  It's for Friday evenings with no plan for dinner and a nasty kitchen.

Also, studying God's word doesn't only provide the preaching of what you should do.  It bestows the how to.  A heart beating with desire for God's wisdom is a heart that the Holy Spirit resides in.  He grants us the tools to live a life according to his purpose.

When we study the scriptures, they show us the most excellent way (1 Corinthians 13:1).  A life lived according to the plan he set out for us from the very beginning is a life that works.  There are solid purposes for patience, wisdom, freedom, and purity.

The more we study, the more we understand and appreciate.  The more we practice a life lived according to his plan, the more it becomes most excellent.

"All scripture is God-breathed and is useful..."
2 Timothy 3:16

Next Time: Why Should I Give Him The Time of Day? Part Three: Invigoration

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