Monday, August 25, 2014

Right Where You Are

I was in between jobs, on my own, and desperate for checks that wouldn't bounce.

One optimistic morning, I left home, applications and resumes in hand, determined to find a job.  But not until a biscuit and a coffee from McDonald's.

As I sat in the drive-thru line waiting for my turn to translate the crackly voice from the speaker box, I felt the presence of the Lord in an indescribable way.  I felt a push to write, so I grabbed a sticky pen from the cup holder and a wrinkled receipt.

Lord, what is your will?  What would you have me do?

My hand continued to write as if the words were somehow stored up inside the pen.

Feed my sheep, I wrote.

I was familiar with the passage in John 21 in which Jesus tells Peter to feed his sheep, But I wasn't sure what it had to do with me.  

What does that mean, Lord?  Do you want me to find work in a kitchen?  Wait tables?  What kind of career are you alluding to?  

What I later pieced together was that God wasn't referring to the next job I would hold down as a nanny for a little over a year.  Although I took great pride in nurturing those little lambs.

He was instilling in me the thought that it's not the particular job title that counts, but how you steward your time where you are.  Waitress, teacher, UPS driver, the kingdom of God.

Right where you are.

Although I hold a bachelor's degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing that I worked four very hard years for, I have never felt as fulfilled in that calling as I have when feeding God's sheep wherever I happen to be at the time.

Where are you today friend?  Are you waiting tables for lousy tips and rude customers?  Feed sheep right there.

Are you in a room full of desks teaching a disrespectful and unmotivated generation?  Feed sheep right there.

Are you in the trenches of a life that just didn't turn out according to your plan?  Feed sheep there, my friend.

No matter where you are, there are always opportunities to feed, nurture, and love those that God loves.  There are always open doors to give a glimpse of Christ to a dark world.

Feed His sheep right where you are today.

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