Wednesday, October 29, 2014

31 Psalm That Meet Me in the Mess - Idols on the Throne of God

For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the Lord made the heavens.
Psalm 96:5

Idolatry.  Not really something we talk much about in the church these days.

Mostly because the word, idol, conjurs up images of carved wooden figurines and large golden statues made from melted earrings and such.  Handmade items given a holy value and placed on a pedestal to be literally worshipped. 

We don't see a whole lot of that in modern America.  

But to be honest with you, idolatry is still running rampant like a virus in our culture.

Priscilla Shirer defines an idol as:

"Anything in the visible, created realm that begins to operate in a role 
that should be reserved for God."

Anything in your life that takes precedence over God and His hand in your life.  Anything that weighs in more heavily than the Holy Spirit's voice in your heart.  Anyone or anything that causes you to compromise your beliefs.

For me, it was the love of my life, my husband.  I put him on a pedestal and raised it so high that he disappeared.  It didn't matter how much God pursued me.  Mr. Layden began to define me.

When I thought I might lose him, I thought I would also lose my safety, sanity, and security.  I looked to him to make me happy when I was down.  I looked to him to protect me when I felt threatened.  I looked to him to make me feel beautiful when I didn't like what I saw in the mirror.  I valued his opinion above all others.  Including God's.

God used our separation to break me of my idolatry.  True to His jealousy, He removed the very thing I attempted to replace Him with.  When I hit the rock bottom of loneliness, insecurity, and feeling unlovable and undesired, I realized I had a decision to make.  Will I leave my husband on the throne where my heavenly Father belongs?  Or will I surrender to the only one worthy of my worship?

When we give hours to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest only to fall asleep five minutes into our bible study.

When we consistently choose our boyfriend over small group meetings, mission opportunities, or sunday morning services.

When we fear the opinion of others so much that we hush our passion for Christ while in their presence.

When we hold back the ten percent we are called to give because of our fear of not having enough.

Money, guys, social media, phones, and approval can all very easily slide into the role that should be reserved for God.

Priscilla Shirer also says,

"When we can go to the drive-through window to get it, pick up the phone to order it, turn on the television to see it, run to the mall to buy it, or snuggle up on the sofa with it, it becomes easier to choose than God."

Can I just encourage you that God has not taken a bathroom break?  He hasn't asked empty sex, empty bottles, or empty bank accounts to keep his seat warm.  He is here in our midst and very much in charge.  He can fill your every single need with a depth that is beyond your imagination.

The question is: Who or what is sitting on the throne of your heart today?

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