Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Psalms That Meet Me in the Mess - Boasting All Day Long

In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name forever. - Psalm 44:8

My four year old is going through quite a boastful phase.  At the last Sunday dinner with my in-laws, he announced that he could hit the ball farther than anyone else at the kids' table simply because he was just awesome.

Mom of the year, right here.

He also wants to be recognized first in any and all situations.  First to get dessert, first to get into the bathtub, first to go down the steps.  I often find myself simultaneously consoling and teaching because he so violently rushes to the door before everyone else that he falls or hits a door frame.

It's exhausting to feel like a broken record when attempting to teach humility to a pre-schooler.

But isn't that just like us at times?

I want recognition for great things I've accomplished.  I don't necessarily think its an awful thing to appreciate a pat on the back every now and then.

But, I wonder how often I have sought glory for myself when the whole sum of it should have gone to God.

During the toughest battle of my life to date, many praised my strength and faith.  But the truth is, that wasn't me.  The real me is prone to fly off the handle, make a bad situation worse, make war instead of peace, seek revenge, and find numbness in unhealthy band-aids.

Any trace of patience, faith, self-control, or wisdom that was seen in my actions was the stunning work of Jesus living in me.  These are all His characteristics, not mine.

Glory goes to God for the salvation of my marriage.  

Glory goes to God for the preservation of my testimony.

Glory goes to God for the depth of my relationship and love for Him.

Glory goes to God for my messy and beautiful story.

I will boast all day long in God.  I will brag, brag, brag on how awesomely worthy He is because I want people to talk about Him, be in awe of things He's done, and tell others His crazy beautiful story.

Do you ever find yourself longing to be first, recognized, boasted about, or in the spotlight?  Does it make you angry when you're given insufficient credit?  How much room does God have to be seen in your life?  Tough things to think about today.

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