Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Psalms That Meet Me in the Mess - Facing Death All Day Long

Yet for your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered. - Psalm 44:22

Are you facing death today?  It's easy to brush over intense verses like this one assuming that they have no relevance to us.  We aren't the Israelites in the heat of battle.  We aren't Paul who faced deadly persecution day in and day out.  You're not facing death all day long are you?

The truth might be.  The tougher truth should be.  Precious Godly counsel once told me that when you're facing fierce opposition, it's an indication of Satan's fear of you.  God has empowered you and charged you with a great mission and you have become a threat to Satan's agenda.

On the other hand, if you live a quiet, cushy life, what does that imply?  That you're no threat.

My intention is not to step on your toes, but to encourage you.  We all have cycles of hardship and ease, want and plenty, pain and peace.  But if you are consistently and passionately pursuing a life that brings growth and glory to God's kingdom, you will have some really hard times.

Spiritual warfare is very real still today.  Satan is not here to call you names and hurt your feelings.  He is here for your death.  Death of your marriage, death of your children's vitality, death of your hope, your joy, your influence for Christ, and quite possibly the end of your very life.

When I realized that Satan was after my marriage, I dug my nails in and prepared for war.  I became determined to see victory, because I understood that God had plans for our marriage and our love to be an unstoppable influence for Christ.

To give up an opportunity to win others for Christ? NOT going to happen.  I wrote a letter to Satan in my prayer journal.  I wrote...

"...I command you to leave in the most powerful name of Jesus Christ.  I know you're afraid of Him.  You can't fool me.  You have just run out of time and power, so just run along now.  
Sincerely, Child of the one true KING."

Satan is here for your death, my friend.  He is here for your marriage as well.  Don't be caught off guard.  And don't give in.  

I have faced death all day long because I have had to fight for my marriage hour after hour.  I fight selfishness and disrespect and the need to be in charge.  And it has all been for the sake of God.  It has all been to bring him glory.

What kind of death are you facing today, friend?

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  1. Found you through #write31days, and I love this idea! Looking forward to reading more about the Psalms. It's comforting that they're so messy. :)