Wednesday, October 22, 2014

31 Psalms That Meet Me in the Mess - The Gift of a Rebuke

Let a righteous man strike me-that is a kindness; let him rebuke me-that is oil on my head...
Psalm 141:5

"That was rude.  You shouldn't have spoken to her like that."  Years ago, my husband rebuked me for my short temper and sharp tone with a restaurant hostess.  

He was right, but I was annoyed.  By him and her.

Can I be honest?  I do not like to be set straight.  When someone tells me I'm doing it wrong, I get defensive.  

I jump to extremes.  They think I'm a person.  They think I make poor decisions.  They think I'm an inadequate Christian, mother, wife, human being.

But Psalm 141:5 lends encouragement for us to allow other God-lovers and God-fearers to have a word in our lives.  This scriptures nudges us to humble ourselves to the wisdom and concern of others.

Genuine godly counsel is a gift of relationship.  It is a gift of love.  When you hold deep relationship with another human being, it is according to design that we spur one another on to greatness for God's glory.

If you enjoy a rich connection with another child of God, please do not resist their discernments. 

It can be edgy, rough, uncomfortable, or downright painful.  But, if they are truly spirit-soaked and seeking your best, you can trust that God is using them to mold you to His will.

Other believers in your story are often instruments in the hand of God.

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