Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Psalms That Meet Me in the Mess - Rest For One Hot Mama

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. - Psalm 62:1

Band competition, birthday, just-over-the-state-line shopping trip, middle school homecoming, volleyball senior night, meal planning and grocery shopping, and an unexpected trip to the pediatrician...

My week so far.

All that stretched out over seven days may be just a blip in your day planner, but for me, it was quite the circus act because I did it with three occupied car seats in the mom-mobile. 

There is no "running in to grab milk real quick." 

There is no casually buying a ticket and watching a beloved teenager in your life compete in his or her passion.

When we arrive at our destination, I have already meticulously packed a diaper bag full of snacks, drinks, and other distractions to keep them satisfied.  But, when I slide the van door open, both two-year-olds have ditched their socks, shoes, and bows.  One has snot running, the other has the remnants of snack time in her hair.  The four-year-old has spilled his drink and is crying that someone will think he wet his pants.

"Can I bring this toy in with us?"  "Sure, but if you lose it, that's it.  It's gone."

Although I'm attempting to break my record best time, It still takes an inconvenient number of minutes to locate all articles of clothing and make everyone presentable again.

Then, there is the double stroller.  Sometimes it won't unfold and I'm biting my tongue to keep from teaching my children awful words.

Once I strap the girls safely into the stroller, the crying begins again.  One toddler has snatched the other's cup, the second toddler snatches out her own bow and throws it into the parking lot where it inevitably falls under someone else's vehicle.  The preschooler is now whining because he is too big to ride in a stroller.

At this point, I am one hot mama.  I am sweating and we haven't even made it into the store/gym/pediatrician/what-have-you yet.

I will spare you the details of what happens once we are actually inside our destination.  It gets ugly.

When our task is complete and we are on our way back to the van once again, my hair is a hot mess.  Snot is running freely and I have streaks of it on my shirt.  The four-year-old is crying because he lost his toy.  We are down to one bow and I'm carrying three shoes in one hand.  The snacks are gone, the drinks are gone, and we still have three more stops to make.

Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, but I am always exhausted.

These are the days that Psalm 62:1 really comes in handy.  Rest, Lord.  Rest for my soul.

Sure, my body is tired from the weight of a 40 pounder and two 20 pounders, but what I really crave is rest for my soul.

I need mental and spiritual restoration.  Thank you Lord for this incredible gift!  When all is settled and my mind can ease into its comfy yoga pants.

An affirming conversation with my husband.  A cup of coffee and a good book.  Pinterest and a texting marathon with my best friend.  Heck, even an early bed time is just the ticket sometimes.

He knows exactly what I need.  Even when that need is simply rest.  He knows my limits better than I do.  And as long as I'm not hell-bent on stretching the limits, He orchestrates it so perfectly.

When hubby offers to cook dinner, when the kids play together quietly and contently, when the wee hours of the morning are filled with no other sound than the tapping of my macbook keyboard.

Are you in need of rest today?  Ask our Father to orchestrate the kind of rest that fills and restores.  Pray Psalm 62:1 back to Him.  He promises to know what you need and take full pleasure in giving it to you!

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