Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Psalms That Meet Me in the Mess - Who is Like You, God?

Your righteousness, God, reaches to the skies, you who have done great things.
 Who is like you, God? - Psalm 71:19

Who is like you, God?

I have suffered the whiplash of betrayal.  I have struggled through abandonment and an ill-defined version of love.

We all have those defining moments in our lives, those turning-point trials that establish a lens for the rest of our life experiences to be viewed through.  The loss of a child, a divorce, a life-threatening illness...these are things that forever change the way we relate, assume, perceive our world from then on for the rest of our days.

I have cried and clawed my way through some dark days that have shaded my perspective of God.  Is His word true?  Will He truly never leave me?  Will He really never stop loving me with a perfect love?

It's hard to believe when all other major occurrences in my life affirm my distrust of people.

And then there is Psalm 71:19.  A rhetorical question.

Who is like you, God?  A fresh filter, a new lens.

A reminder that God is not like anyone else that I will ever encounter or engage with.  I can rest my feet on the solid ground that His word is infallible.  His goodness is unshakable.  His faithfulness is unchangeable.

Glory, glory hallelujah!  Finally!  A place of rest.

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