Tuesday, October 7, 2014

31 Psalms That Meet Me in the Mess - Set Fire by the Tongue

Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips. - Psalm 141:3

Sometimes dangerous words slip out of my mouth like sneaky little ninjas.  I don't pause long enough to become aware of the damage I could be unleashing.  Other times, I intentionally send those ninjas out with a mission.

Go forth and destroy!  It's not until much later that I feel the weight of guilt over what I've said to or about someone.

Do you ever wish there was a tiny guard stationed just outside your lips?  One that could slash away at any untrue, hurtful, or inappropriate thoughts that fight their way out and are born into words?

James chapter three tells us just how dangerous the tongue can be.  It likens it to a spark which spawns a wildfire.  

Ouch.  How often have I set fire to relationships, self esteem, or opportunities to minister because of my reckless tongue?

It could be...it has been...a careless, judgmental word about the way someone else raises their kids or operates within their own family.

It could be...it has been...a disrespectful tone in a disagreement with my husband.

It could be...it has been...an irritated and potentially damaging reaction to a needy child in my home.

James chapter three also tells us that anyone who could be faultless in what they say, could be perfect, able to keep their whole body in check.  What does that speak to you?  To me it says, "Not gonna happen..."

Luckily for us...no, gracefully for us...the Lord does move and work from the inside of us through His Holy Spirit.  The fruit of that labor eventually makes its way to our exterior, including the way we talk.

A salt spring cannot produce fresh water (James 3:12).  But, if the Holy Spirit is at work in our lives, the spring will become less and less salty as we surrender our talk to Him.

Does your tongue have a tendency to set fires?  Ask the Lord today to mold your heart to look more like His, to mold your thoughts to look more like His, and to mold your words to look more like His.

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