Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Blog-iversary Loves!

Happy Blog-iversary to you and me!

Four years ago this week, I decided to put my love of words to work for the Kingdom of God.  I sat down and wrote a blog post called Giving Up My Apple Jacks.  It was born out of my realization that Christ had died so that I didn't have to be a control freak or a people pleaser.

Ever since then, I have been using this space to share with others what God is doing in my life.  And let me tell you, sister, He has done quite a bit in the last four years.

I've learned so much about marriage and motherhood that it strikes me with amazement that I'm still so new to this whole thing.  My oldest child is only four years old.  I've only been married for five.  It's hard to believe that we could potentially have 50 or 60 more years on this earth of learning.  Or maybe God has crammed an awful lot into the last four years because we actually won't be here that long.

Either way, it's been a crazy ride so far.

Lord, what do you want your daughters to know?  How do you want them to grow or be encouraged?

This is the prayer that stays on my heart for you, dear friend.  God has always been faithful to answer it.  He gives me a burden for you.  Every update I notice on social media, every blog post you make of your own, I ache for you to live magnetic lives that just ooze the love of God in a life-changing way.

I want to rejoice with you when your babies are born.  I want to wrap my arms around you when you sob with cold depression.  I so desperately want to do life with you.

These are my precious, precious daughters.  Speak to them and help them walk with me.  Love them.

And I do.

This is what I want you to know today.  You are so deeply loved.

This blog is for you, my love.  This quiet little corner has been born because God has called me to love you and be whatever it is He needs me to be for you in this season.  How awesome is that?

So whether this is your first visit here, or you find yourself here often, just know that you are loved and held in prayer.

Four years later, here we are.  I hope for 40 more.

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