Monday, November 3, 2014

Why This Cosmo Culture Makes Me Want To Vomit: A Plea For My Children's Purity

"Mom, look at that!" my four year old whispered in the check-out line at Wal-Mart.  I was devastated as my eyes followed his pointing finger to a scantily-clad Emily Ratajkowski on the November cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.  There wasn't much left to the imagination.  

A string of questions followed and the middle-aged man in front of us chuckled as he commented on how full my hands must be.  I, on the other hand, found myself heartbroken as I waited to pay for my groceries.

How do I explain that it's not okay to put your body on display like that when it appears to be so normal in every check-out line?  Will that image be burned on my preschoolers eyes as he falls asleep tonight?  I just thanked God that he can't read yet... 

And what about my girls?  How old will they be when they start comparing their bodies to the photoshopped and airbrushed bodies they see on the racks?  Will they mistakingly find themselves seriously lacking in who they were meant to be (or who they were meant to be like)?

I'm so sick of this culture.  We are so intentional about the kinds of music we listen to on the radio, the kinds of channels we watch on TV, and the kinds of people we let influence our kids. 

But now I have to defend my child's innocence while simply buying groceries for my family?  I wanted to rip the cover off, ball it up, and eat it.

I thought about it so hard on the 35 minute drive back home, that I scarcely remembered the journey.

When I mentioned my heartbreak to the other women in my small group bible study, several of them confessed to being "magazine-turners."

"When I go through a check-out line full of boobs and tongues, I just start turning them all around so the covers are covered."  We all laughed, but it begs the question, "What are we to do?"

How will I protect my children's purity in a culture that screams sex so loudly?  I'm not one to shelter or value the "bubble" that some parents keep their kids in.  But I do want my kids to grow up with an intense respect for their bodies and others' bodies.  I do believe that they are at ages in which their minds are still being molded to the lens of the world they live in.  And I don't want them to be worldly-minded.  I want them to be kingdom-minded kids.

How do you raise your children to be kingdom-minded kids?  Are there any other magazine-turners out there?

Lord, give me grace to parent these little blank canvases.  Show me how to raise kingdom-minded kids who respect and cherish purity.  Protect their little hearts, Lord.  Fill in the gaps where I can't, Father.  I know that as parents, we set the tone for our homes.  Show me how to be the kind of mother who sets a tone of clean, respectful purity.  Not self-righteous, prude-ish behavior, but a magnetic bodily perspective based on your truth, Father.

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