Monday, December 1, 2014

Acts of Kindness for Littles That Don't Require Extra Doses of Sanity or Sanitizer

Welcome Advent!  The four weeks before Christmas is upon us and we are all abuzz with excitement in our house.  Each year we implement new and old ideas for keeping our focus set on Christ throughout the season of advent.  This year we are re-focusing our Elf on the Shelf as well.

Anna at The Imagination Tree has had a genius idea for Kindness Elves.  Each day, the elves are re-set in a creative place and fashion, but instead of creepily watching your children throughout the day to see if they've been naughty or nice, they bring an act of kindness to try that day.

I'm so glad!

But after searching google and pinterest for fresh act of kindness ideas, I couldn't find very many that worked for our family.  Donating toys to the children's hospital is a fabulous suggestion, but it's not "my best yes" to juggle two two-year-olds, a four-year-old, and a box of toys through a hospital.  I just don't have enough sanity or sanitizer for that.

Making a Christmas meal for someone in need is also very kind, but my twin toddlers aren't great at stuffing a turkey and I just feel like the sentiment and lesson would be lost somewhere in me yelling at my kids to get out of the kitchen because I'm cooking.

So I came up with 25 acts of kindness that will work for my family this year and I thought I would share them with you!  Advent is here!  Let's make room for Him in our hearts!

1.  Share your favorite toy with one of your brothers or sisters.

2.  Bake cookies for the post office worker and leave them in the mailbox.

3.  Make and send a card to grandparents (Ginga and Papa) who don't live nearby.

4.  We will do #3 twice to show kindness to different sets of grandparents that we don't see often (Papa Taylor).

5.  Give this candy to your brother or sister. (Our elf, Jack and The Beanstalk, will bring three small pieces of candy, one for each of our kids to choose to give away. And yes, my son named our Elf Jack and The Beanstalk. We call him Jack for short.)

6.  Bring food to church for the food pantry.

7.  Pull garden weeds for mom.

8.  Tell your brother or sister something that you love about them.

9.  Tell your cousins that you love them.

10.  Help carry in the groceries from the van.

11.  Give a big hug and kiss to everyone in your family and tell them that you love them.

12.  Leave quarters for someone else at a toy or candy machine in the grocery store.

13.  Bring donuts to everyone at Daddy's work.

14.  Throw away diapers for mommy.

15.  Let your brother or sister go first.

16.  Throw this ball for Captain in the back yard. (Jack will bring a tennis ball for our dog.)

17.  Take a sweet picture for Daddy on his ipod and leave it as a surprise.

18.  Bring this treat to Nani and tell her you love her. (Jack will bring dark chocolate which my mother-in-law loves.)

19.  Bring a small gift to your pastor's family on Sunday morning.

20.  Donate a small stack of books to your Pediatrician's office.

21.  Write down all the things you love about Daddy and leave them all over the house.

22.  Say a special prayer for someone today.

23.  Give a wallet picture and a special kiss to Grandaddy.

24.  Help clean up the toys in the back yard.

25.  After opening gifts on Christmas morning, tell each member of your family that Jesus loves them so much!

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