Monday, February 2, 2015

Dehydrated in the Shallowness of Relationship

Having a relationship with another woman can be adventurous.  Can I get an amen?

Women are passionate.  We readily engage our emotions and live within them.  We laugh hard and cry hard.  We overanalyze.  We put up walls.

And in the beauty of the mess we so desperately need each other.  I believe God created an empty space inside each of us that can only be filled by a sister in Christ.  He created us to be in community. A place where biblical love and accountability clash and mesh with real life.

"I have no one else like him..."
Philippians 2:20

Paul describes his friend Timothy to the Philippians with a passion that I fear many of us miss out on today.

I have no one else like him...My heart just grows and pounds in my chest when I consider the love from which this description came.

I crave it intensely.  In some ways, I possess it, and yet always yearn for more.  This intimacy with one who matches me step for step in my pursuit of Christ.  A loving friendship that just boasts of Jesus.

It's almost as rare as wisdom.  It's almost as precious as hope.

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."
Matthew 18:20

When two souls align with matching purposes to bring glory to God in this life and beyond, the Holy Spirit's presence can be almost electric.  Palpable.  It's no wonder wars are started in the name of child welfare.  Mommy wars, we call them.  Cloth against disposable, breast against bottle.  Satan's weapon of choice to break down the bonds which hold enormous potential to further God's kingdom.

Really?  Are we filling Facebook with condescending judgements and upturned noses over how to keep the poop from hitting the floor?  Are we missing out on the divine power of the Spirit to conquer  Satan and Hell because of our short-sightedness?

Oh, Jesus, remedy this.

And what happens when a chasm is ripped open where the bond used to hold firm?  Because that happens you know...

Women can be fierce fighters.  It's what eventually happens when we lose sight of our purposes.  Toes are not just stepped on, but bruised and bleeding.  That glance, that silence, that status all works together for the demise of a heavenly partnership, a divine love.

Life is messy.  Sometimes, it's mucky.  In that light, will we still choose love?  Will we still choose a holy companionship in spite of sharp words spoken in insecurity?  Will we hold on tight in spite of emotions that run wild?

This kind of friendship, the kind that Paul declares that he has in Timothy, is set apart for the purposes of the heavenly Father.  How could we dismiss that glory in the name of pride or self-preservation?  How small will we allow our minds to shrink?

Women often feel dehydrated in the shallowness of their relationships.  This is a symptom that God has placed on our hearts to dive in deeper.  Drink in the fullness of friendships that could be so alive with the Spirit that they burst forth with advances for the Kingdom of God.

Oh, to soak and hydrate and moisturize my soul with a match-given-by-heaven that makes me say...

I have no one else like her.

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