Monday, February 23, 2015

The Truth About The Book I'm Writing

I'm writing a book.  Isn't that weird?  I almost hate for anyone to know because it feels pretentious to declare.

But on days that I sit in a coffee shop at a table strewn with scripture, pages, and pens I'm often asked...

What are you studying?

The problem is, I'm not studying.  Instead of soaking in, I'm pouring my heart out.  I'm ripping out pieces of myself and pounding them out on the keyboard.  Intense, I know.  But honestly, there have been afternoons that I've inconspicuously wiped away tears as my heart and brain align with my subject matter.

And that's the issue.  The subject matter.  When the conversation is cracked open to the truth that I am, in fact, writing a book, the question that inevitably follows is...

Oh, nice.  What is it about?

Even just typing those words makes my heart pound a little harder.  I usually smile and fumble my way through an explanation.  I recently told a friend that I really needed to streamline my answer.

The truth is a little lengthy.  The truth is a little startling for some.  The truth isn't very comfortable.  It's not really lighthearted coffee shop small talk.

This book lays wide open the destruction that adultery brought to my marriage.

Can't you just see the face of the coffee-drinking stranger that unwittingly stumbled into the path of my calling?  Well, okay then.  Have a nice day.

I chuckle a little now because that's not even it.  The more prevalent focus of this book is the miracle that God performed inside my marriage.  From devastation to a coveted depth.  From hopelessness to hope realized.  From just surviving to thriving.

We have had a burning encounter with God that cannot be reduced to one or two sentences.  Oh, the struggle.  

We have been touched by God in a way that has left His fingerprints all over us.  Who wants to be a part of this?

It is the single most incredible thing that I have ever had the honor to live through and I must boast!  Will you soak in it with me?

It is uncomfortable and glorious and everything in between.  My marriage story may make waves, but God has branded me with its urgency.  It is a tide of necessity for some dry and thirsty heart.

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