Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to Rock Date Night on a Skinny Budget

(Found at DatingDivas.com)

I'm just gonna be honest with you here.  My skinny jeans would fall right off our discretionary budget.

But date nights are so vital to our marriage y'all.  The small minutes at home are filled with bath times, bed times, and time outs.  There are three very needy miniatures.  Barbie shoes need to be found.  The villain needs to be defeated.  Hair needs to be washed, chicken needs to be cut up, and the right pajamas need to be zipped and snapped.

Not to mention in their wake, ketchup needs to be wiped, poop needs to be flushed, legos need to be gathered, and my little ponies need to be pulled from the dogs mouth.

Hi, how was your day? just won't cut it for connection.  I need more.  He needs more.  But how do we get that more when we have just about as much money as we do spare minutes?  Fortunately, we've been practicing.  Here's what we've come up with:

1. The Couch Date

Give me a big, fuzzy throw, a no-bake cheesecake, and netflix, and I'm on a date! The hubs and I are still making our way through The Office, enthralled in the lives of Jim, Pam, and the others. We spend so much time with them that we talk about them as if we actually know them. At least once every week, we get the kids in bed and then crash in a pile of comfy clothes, cushions, and something delicious. What series on Netflix, weekly TV show, or trilogy can the two of you share?

2.  The Longest Drive

We live in the middle of nowhere. It literally takes us about 40 minutes just to get to WalMart. So going to grab a little drive-thru treat is often a date in and of itself. We jump in the car and head toward town to get a coffee, a milkshake, a box of doughnut holes, anything. And on the way, we talk about whatever needs to spill out of us. The three car seats in the back are empty, so we can literally solve the world's problems just on the way to Dunkin' Donuts and back. Sometimes uninterrupted conversation is all the soul needs. Plus, coffee is my love language. If you're a city-dweller, drive across town to get your Starbucks or Cook Out milkshake. It'll be worth it.

3.  Long-forgotten Fun

What's something you used to get a good giggle out of, but haven't done in years? Is there a cheesy movie, childhood game, or mindless activity that would get you grinning? Did anyone else play hot hands or have thumb wars? How about M.A.S.H.? I think that was mostly a girl thing in the 90s, but I found a printable version of it on Pinterest and the hubs and I got quite a chuckle out of it. We found out how many kids we're going to have, where we will live, what kind of car we will drive...you know...the important stuff. Even just 20 minutes of pointless play time can bring out some of the biggest belly laughs.

It's not always about dinner and a movie. I can be proud to say that I'm a cheap date. Just give me some connection, maybe some coffee, and I'm set. The take-away is that answering to Babe, Honey, and Wifey are all just as important as answering to Mama, Mom, and Mommy. Don't get distracted from that.

There was a time that I let wiping hineys and blending baby food stiff-arm me into a ceaseless mommy mode. And my husband was left to his own.

Never again.

No matter the budget of dollars and no matter the budget of time, we have renewed the vow to not let anything come between us.

Will you?

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