Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Prayer For His Wife


You have intricately fashioned this little being.  This small firecracker that is in constant motion with arms flailing and mouth shouting.  Dirt becomes him.  There is so much strength in him, and yet a tenderness that melts me when it appears.  As a five year old, he drives me in circles, but I know that soon he will break cycle and be off.  He will be a man, and my arms will grieve.

There is so much I want for him, Lord.  Will much of it be realized?  His wife, Lord....his wife.

Let her be a woman after your own heart.  Marriage is hard, Father, and I know it is not something I will be able to do for him.  Somewhere in the world, right now, she is a little girl.  Maybe not even born yet.  Surround her with those that point her to you.  Instill a quiet and gentle spirit in her.

Show her the inestimable value in a mommy and daddy who press in to you and never give up.  Give her all the love of parents who cling to Christ and make their marriage a priority.

Give her the grace of a security that is found in you and you alone.  Give her a thirst for you and your word.  As potent as the world is, as she grows, be the most intoxicating influence in her life.  Fill her senses with a Godly love that absolutely cannot be duplicated by anything this world has to offer: sex, materials, or earthly success.

Let her cravings be for you.  Give her a driving appreciation for the body you have created her to reside in.  Confidence, integrity, and purity.

Let her faith be so much more than mine.  And on their wedding day, let the same smile spread across her face that graced his today when I told him, we've prayed for your future wife.

"But, I don't even know who I'm going to marry!" he said.  Precious.  Neither do we.  But pray we will.

I love you too, Lord.

Your Daughter

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