Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I Want My Girls to Know About My Marriage

It is a sobering fact to know that my children, these spunky little independent things, will take their cues from me as they grow.  Whether intentional or not, many of their attitudes and actions will imitate mine as they learn to love, get married, and start their own families. God have mercy on me.

There are a lot of characteristics of my wifehood and love that I would rather them not see.  There are a lot of traits that I'd rather not be ingrained in them. Grace, Jesus...please Grace.

Quite humbly, I admit there are some things I want them to grab hold of and take to newer heights. Here's the gist of it...

1.  The Strong-willed Fight.  They tell you marriage will be hard. There will be ups and downs they say.  But you won't know the struggle until you feel the sting of the tears on your face. You won't really know until your heart pounds so hard with the unknown that you physically hurt.  In that moment, I want you to know that you have been righteously injected with the strength of Christ. You are far more powerful than Satan's intent to destroy your marriage. Dig those pretty pink nails in, my dear. The value of that tie, that holy covenant is beyond worth the fight. Don't give Satan the satisfaction.

2.  Spiritual warfare is real.  Prepare yourself for it.  Satan is stunned with a mixture of fear and rage at the discovery of a woman after God's own heart.  He will use every snide and low trick he has to knock you down and make sure you stay there.  Do not leave yourself vulnerable.  Get your beautiful blue eyes in the word of God.  I pray that God gives you an unquenchable thirst for it, always needing more.  Cultivate your intimacy with our heavenly Father through His word and communication with Him.  This two-fold tool not only gives you the intimacy you ultimately crave with God, but also defends you when the enemy comes slithering around.

3.  Treasure the little gifts.  He put your coffee mug and sugar near the coffee maker this morning before he left for work.  Take a moment to notice the grooves, the design, the color of that mug.  Think about how his hard-working hands gripped that mug out of the cabinet and placed it intentionally just for you, even though he was probably running late to work.  In the quick departures, stop for an extra second to smell his hair, kiss his neck, and squeeze him tight.  Thank God for him.  Days come and days go.  Tuesdays and Thursdays drip mundane.  The rush can stretch you thin.  Never, ever stop taking note of the grace-filled favor of God in your marriage.

4.  Master the art of the sincere apology.  The temptation to push blame or justify can be as strong as ammonia.  Giving the silent treatment is more comfortable than saying I'm sorry sometimes.  Do not settle.  Please do not settle, my love.  Your husband deserves it.  Your Heavenly Father deserves your utmost.  His faithfulness and humility resides within you.  He deserves all you have to give.  Push and give your heartfelt, I'm sorry.