31 Psalms That Meet Me in the Mess

October is 31 Days of Writing month!  What an awesome and terrifying challenge!

This year, I am a first time participant in #31daysofwriting and my topic is:

31 Psalms That Meet Me in the Mess

I will be digging, writing, and posting from the Psalms every single day this month.  This also means that all other responsibilities will fall slightly neglected.  Sorry in advance, family.

On a serious note, if by some crazy course of events, you have found yourself here reading my offerings, I believe that it is no accident.  I have prayed for you, dear friend.  I hope that you are blessed by the overflow of what God has showered upon me.  The book of Psalms has flooded me with hope during some of the darkest hours of my life.

Thank you for being here and God bless!

Day Four-Who is Like You, God?

Day Five-Holy Revenge, Batman

Day Six-Raccoons Are Called To Praise Too

Day Seven-Set Fire by the Tongue

Day Eight-Boasting All Day Long

Day Nine-The Struggle Is Real

Day Ten-Rest For One Hot Mama

Day Eleven-Infusing Him Into the Culture of Our Home

Day Twelve-A Faulty Cornerstone

Day Thirteen-Waiting is a Place Where Heaven Meets Hell

Day Fourteen-Part 2 of Waiting is a Place Where Heaven Mets Hell

Day Fifteen-Blessed Though Sinful

Day Sixteen-The Greeting of Gratitude

Day Seventeen-Preparation Before Transplantation

Day Eighteen-Focus Fades the Rest

Day Nineteen-A Story That Saves

Day Twenty-Complacency From Comfort

Day Twenty-one-Fearing God in His Favor

Day Twenty-two-The Gift of a Rebuke

Day Twenty-three-Peace Washed Over it All

Day Twenty-four-A Pure Craving

Day Twenty-five-The Praise of a Future Generation

Day Twenty-six-God's Cultivation of You

Day Twenty-seven-Your Bare, Broken Heart

Day Twenty-eight-The Skies Pour Forth Speech

Day Twenty-nine-Idols on the Throne of God

Day Thirty-The Attention of the God of the Universe

Day Thirty-one-Why I Shout For Joy

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